Top 10 Best Places to go Off-Roading This Summer 2018

Bearing that in mind, here’s  list of the 10 best places in the U.S. to take your Jeep (or any other off-road capable machine) in no particular order.

Imogene Pass, Colorado

Higher than the riff raff crowding into Colorado after amendment 64 passed late last year, Imogene pass is a popular off-roading destination for good reason.

The second most-elevated of any vehicle-accessible mountain pass in the state, you’ll reach 13,114 feet. That’s still 1,000 feet shy of Pikes Peak, but this is no paved road to the top.

There are places to stop for a picnic lunch, and the trail can be started in Telluride, where you can stock up on supplies. Four-wheel drive and skid plates are a must, but this is still a trail less-experienced off-roaders could champion.

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