5 places that will make you want to try off-roading

From the East Coast to the West, the Lower 48 offers up soft sand, technical rock scrambles and everything in between.

There is something incredibly liberating about taking a vehicle off-road and exploring the backcountry from the seat of a 4×4 or ATV. Driving on a remote and scenic trail requires skill, precision and confidence, not to mention a healthy sense of adventure.

Just like most other outdoor enthusiasts, off-roaders enjoy exploring wild places while visiting spots few other people ever get the opportunity to see.

Best off-road destinationsA 4×4 can take you to places you never imagined. Photo: Kraig Becker

There are thousands of miles of off-road trails spread out across the U.S., and each of them varies greatly in terms of distance, difficulty and aesthetic appeal. If you’ve been longing to leave the pavement behind and get your vehicle a little muddy, here are the five best destinations in America to do just that.

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