18 Simple Do-It-Yourself Projects For Preppers

Supplying Your Own Food

6. Potato Box (Difficulty Level: Easy) – Instead of wasting all your precious green house space growing spuds, check out these DIY plans to learn how to build a potato box that grows 100 pounds of potatoes in just four square feet! A potato box is the best way to produce a ton of food in very little space and should be in every prepper’s backyard.

7. Cold Frame (Difficulty Level: Easy) – Winter: the age-old enemy of farmers everywhere. But your garden doesn’t have to fall victim to cold weather any longer after using these plans to build your own cold frame. Protecting your plants from the elements with a cold frame will offer 365 days of well-balanced meals, and is perfect for keeping those home-grown spices on the table year-round as well.

8. Compost Bin (Difficulty Level: Easy) – Building a compost bin is the perfect complement to the above gardening projects. Composting is important for maintaining a healthy garden, especially if you live in an area where rich soil isn’t readily available. Try following this extremely simple plan.

9. Greenhouse (Difficulty Level: Medium) – Having the ability to grow your own food and protect it from the elements is essential for any prepper. Contrary to how you lived in college, eating your fruits and green leafy veggies is important for your long-term survival. For the sake of your health, check out these DIY plans.

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