Rock Climbing Trips for Beginners

Expert Tips – Rock Climbing Trips for Beginners

Many of us dream about the epic panoramas that can only be found at the top of jutting cliffs that no trail or path reach. All over the world, there are extreme peaks that offer amazing views that only the most accomplished rock climbers can access.

However, most of us lack the necessary experience to conquer the mountain terrain and sheer cliffs. Luckily, there are also some great places around the world to learn and practice climbing while still enjoying remarkable landscapes and vistas.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas is not all bright lights, casino, and shows. The Nevada desert, just outside the neon city, is a hub for aspiring rock climbers. It is the perfect place to feel that first thrill as you scale up one of the rewarding but easy climbs in this part of the country.

Not only are the climbs easy but they offer beautiful views of the desert. For people interested in climbing, pull yourself away from the neon streets, endless buffets, and the busy casinos and visit some great beginner rock climbs just minutes down the road.

Frankenjura, Germany

Frankenjura is known worldwide for its challenging routes. However, with over 8,000 climbs of different lengths, there are some easy climbs for beginners who want to improve their skills. The nice thing about Frankenjura is the various degrees of difficulty from one climb to the next.

This diversity allows you relax and build up your skills at your own pace. Many expert climbers also come to Frankenjura to try the harder routes. This is a perfect opportunity to watch, learn, and chat with experts who can give you valuable insights and tips. Frankenjura is also stunning with limestone rock formations, valleys, and green forests.

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