Top 10 Mountain Bike Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

5. Not greasing pedal axles
: We regularly see people struggling to remove their pedals from their bike. To avoid this and save your knuckles, lightly grease your pedal axles before fitting them on your bike.

6. Washing your bike upside down
: You really want to avoid this whenever possible. But if you are going to do this, make sure you don’t spray water near your headset.

7. Forgetting your order of assembly: When removing any parts from your bike, lay them on your work bench in the order you removed them from your bike.

8. Stiff axles
: People often struggle to fit their axles back into their wheels, especially if they are maxles. Make sure you regularly clean and grease your axles as you would with any other part on your bike.

9. Using the wrong grease
: Before applying grease or lubrication to any part of your bike, make sure it’s fit for purpose. The lubricant you want for your suspension is not going to be the same as for other parts of your bike.

10. Poorly adjusted limit screws
: If your gears have stopped working smoothly, always use the barrel adjustor before you change the settings on your limit screws.

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