Top 10 Mountain Bike Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t overtighten bolts, use worn out tools, and more.

From over-tightening bolts, to internal cable-routing issues, there are many mistakes the home mechanic should look to avoid. Here’s a round-up of the 10 most common courtesy of our friends at the Global Mountain Bike Network. Press play to learn more.

Here’s a recap of these 10 common mountain bike maintenance mistakes.

1. Over-tightening bolts: If you’re worried about your bars or seatpost slipping, but don’t want to make this mistake, simply apply some sort of fiber grip paste to the contact areas of the clamp.

2. Using worn-out Allen keys: Just don’t do it. Worn out Allen keys can cause serious damage to your bolts, so make sure you keep an eye on the condition of your tools.

3. Over-spraying lube: Again, just don’t do it. Instead be really careful when spraying lube on your chain, if any gets on your disc brake rotor, you can be in serious trouble.

4. Internal cable routing: Anyone who has a bike with internal cable routing has experienced this headache. But there are a number of crafty hacks to help you retain your sanity next time you need to change your cables.

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