Top 10 boundary and budget breaking mountain bikes

These are some of the top dogs currently on the mountain bike market.

While the lower end of the mountain bike market’s price range is currently producing some superb, capable bikes, at the opposite end of the spectrum technology is continuing to forge ahead, no holds (or budgets) barred.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most jaw-dropping bikes available – or not – at the moment. From grassroots innovation to race-ready perfection, these bikes push the limits of technological progression. The mountain bike industry never seems to stop innovating and trying new technologies (some more practical than others), and it’s the pushing of boundaries at the out-of-this-galaxy price point that eventually trickles down to the bikes we ride day-to-day.

1. Pole Bicycles Machine – The sexy one

Price: £3,035 frameset (incl. shock)

POLE Machine frame in whitePOLE Machine frame in white


Scandinavian brand Pole have been pushing the boundaries of bike geometry for a few years now with their much-loved Evolink bike, but this new Machine really brings the company’s mission statement into effect. The Machine is entirely CNC machined in three sections that are then bonded together with glue – not your average bike build! This super-long 29er is built in Finland.

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