Top 10 wild swimming locations in Italy

Come on in… from emerald lakes to river beaches and crashing waterfalls, we pick 10 of the most beautiful and secluded inland locations from the book Wild Swimming Italy. More wild swimming: in France and the UK

Torrente Fer, Piedmont.
 Bathers at Torrente Fer, northern Italy. Photograph Michele Tameni

1 Torrente Fer, Piedmont

Torrente Fer, near the forest of Cignas, is a beautiful place. It is easy to see why Camillo Benso, the Count of Cavour, was devoted to this area: natural pools running between large, smooth rocks, where emerald waters flow from one waterfall to another. It is also a great place to go canyoning. A picnic area is not far from the first set of pools, but it does get crowded here on summer days. Walk for a few minutes to reach the upper pools where it is secluded and quiet. The large boulders that surround the pools allow you to dive or lie in the sun. A truly spectacular place.
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