Favorite Adventure Vacations in America

Oceans to Trails: Favorite Adventure Vacations in America

What makes America perfect for adventure vacations? Is it because America is a huge country full of wide canyons, immense mountains, gushing rivers, massive lakes, rocky coastlines, and hot deserts? Yes, America is so diverse that the country offers more adventure vacations that you could fit into a lifetime.

However, some adventure vacations stand above the rest, and, whether you are a hardcore or a casual vacationer, you will find something on this list that will appeal to your sense of adventure.

Let us check out the top adventure vacations in America.

Take to the Water

A rush overcomes you as the boat pushes away from shore. The cool wind brushing across your face, the exhilaration of tweaking the sails perfectly to grasp the wind, and the rush of the boat sliding across the water make sailing one of the most addictive adventures I have ever done.

Many places across America offer a variety of sailing adventures from having a working vacation as a deck hand to just being a passenger and appreciating the views.  Imagine sailing past mammoth glaciers in Alaska, little-deserted islands off the east coast of America, or through the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean in California.

Many states in America have some sort of sailing adventure ranging from tours to lessons.

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