Here’s Where to Find Natural Hot Springs Around Southern California

One upside to living on a perilous fault line is the abundance of natural thermal springs. The hot water bubbling up from the depths in places like Apple Valley has something to do with hydrothermal convection, which sounds sciencey and complicated but mostly just means you can get naked with strangers and immerse yourself in healing minerals.

Out of sheer kindness, your friendly neighborhood National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration keeps a detailed map of every known thermal spring in these United States, with temperature categories ranging from “warm” to “boiling.”

There’s an abundance of hot springs within driving distance of Los Angeles, many off the beaten path. Here are a few of particular interest.

Deep Creek Hot Spring

One of the most popular hot springs accessible from L.A., this one clocks in at 108 degrees. Worth noting: There’s an intimidating guy with a gun guarding the front entrance, and the back route involves clambering down an insanely steep trail. So, take your pick, and heed the advice of Yelp before heading up to Apple Valley.

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