Beginners Guide to Canyoneering in the United States

Beginners Guide to Canyoneering in the United States

Canyoneering is quickly becoming a huge sport and it is a unique way to explore some incredible and remote places around the world. It is thrilling to wander into ravines and caverns that have been etched into our world through millions of years of erosion.

While the idea of exploring these masterpieces of Mother Nature sounds exciting, it is important to remember that canyoneering comes with risk, and, if you are not prepared, it is dangerous. It is important to have proper gear and training before venturing off. If you are curious about getting into canyoneering, this guide is the perfect place to start.

What is Canyoneering?

Let us first define what canyoneering is before we get into the basics.

Canyoneering, also known as canyoning, is an outdoor sport that involves traveling through canyons by any means necessary such as climbing, swimming, abseiling, or jumping. Actually, the easiest canyoneering is just traveling from point A to B through a canyon by hiking, so many of you might have already tried canyoneering and just did not realize it.

Before You Get Started

Beginners will want to invest a lot of time into educating themselves before attempting harder routes. It is vital to know the technical classification and make sure that any canyon you attempt is in your skill set. Let’s take a look at how different routes are classified.

Class 1 – Basic. Class 1 Routes are completed entirely on the ground.

Class 2 – Easy. For the most part, Class 2 Routes are easy going, however, there are parts you will have to scramble uphill using handholds.

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